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While any hiring team can use our software, we find that the companies that most need these tools are large employers and staffing agencies due to the volume of applicants they are dealing with daily. To help put this into perspective, let's look at two different use cases and how Interview Magic can help streamline the hiring processes.


Large Employers

When you receive hundreds of applications for a single vacancy, it can be challenging to shortlist candidates quickly based on their skills or experience. While you could scan each resume for buzzwords, you could still be missing out on some of the top talent that has applied. Interview Magic can help streamline your candidate funnel to ensure that only the best candidates are considered for a position based on pre-defined questions.

Staffing Agency

Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies often fill hundreds of positions daily; however, the time it takes to pinpoint candidate strengths could hinder these processes' efficiency. If you could find a suitable position for a job seeker faster and still ensure it's a great fit, wouldn't you want to pursue it? With Interview Magic, candidates can undergo a skills assessment and automatically be paired with suitable positions within the staffing agency's systems.


Skills Identification

Skills Identification

Did you know that the average corporate job opening receives approximately 250 applications? With Interview Magic, companies can automatically pinpoint candidates with the skills required for the position through tailored questions or suggest other openings that meet an unqualified applicant’s experience.

Tailored Questions

Tailored Questions

Imagine if your candidates could check in when arriving at your facility and automatically be sent a questionnaire to determine their skills. Interview Magic can be sent to candidates as a sub-domain of your existing website. That means your branding stays intact, and only the best talent reaches your inbox.

Endless Potential

Endless Potential

Hiring teams can be incredibly diverse. Whether you are part of an in-house hiring team that processes applications for a big company or you are a staffing company that is filling hundreds of positions each day, we can help you become more efficient and candidate-friendly through the use of our powerful AI-driven approach.


Businesses are hiring all the time but typically don’t have the resources or time to sort through hundreds of applications to find five employees. The rest of your organization likely uses AI to become more efficient, and we saw a need to leverage those same technologies to streamline the employee recruiting process. All it takes to get started is a few questions about the position and the skills you are looking for, and our AI systems will take care of the rest.

As a flexible platform tailored to your needs, our software is the perfect partner for in-house human resources teams and recruitment agencies with extensive vacancies to fill. Interview Magic will provide the same support regardless of the camp you align with. We are excited to show you what is possible when you use our systems to streamline your recruitment and hiring efforts!



  • AI can be used in a business's hiring process to streamline the process and reduce costs.

  • AI can also help provide insights into candidate's personalities, competencies, and desired job roles. This can help businesses identify the best candidates for the job, reducing the amount of time and resources needed to find qualified applicants.

  • AI can help automate the process of screening resumes, conducting interviews, and pre-screening applicants.

  • AI can also help businesses maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce, as AI algorithms can be trained to recognize and eliminate potential biases in the hiring process. This can help create a more equitable hiring process and ensure that qualified applicants get the opportunity to be considered for a position.

Looking To Get More Involved?

Instead of focusing on more candidates in your pipeline, why not ensure the top talent makes it to the forefront? Interview Magic can help pinpoint the top talent available and ensure that you are leveraging only the best aspects of AI to simplify your hiring processes – not complicate them!