As lifelong members of the staffing community, we understand how hard it can be to sort through countless applications and fill crucial positions quickly. At any given time, we would be hiring hundreds of people weekly to meet the needs of our clients. One of the biggest challenges was finding candidates with the skills and experience needed to excel in a given position. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we were soon able to automatically place candidates in the positions that suited them the best or suggest alternative positions that were available that made more sense.

Interview Magic was formed to help ease the pain of “post-Covid hiring” by making pinpointing the top applicants more efficient and ensuring the process is still candidate friendly. We work in the same industries as you daily and want to share our tools to help transform how you think about the hiring process.

Organizations worldwide use AI to streamline their processes; however, they haven’t adopted these same tools in their hiring practices. We saw a need for those same technologies to be used to create an accurate applicant funnel that only allows the most qualified candidates to reach the interview shortlist.

Instead of following the industry standard and creating a tool that further complicates the process of reviewing resumes by expanding the number of applications received, we wanted to ensure that finding the perfect candidate was as easy as possible. This software has helped countless other businesses achieve that, and we are excited to share Interview Magic with you too!

Interview Magic


Instead of focusing on more candidates in your pipeline, why not ensure the top talent makes it to the forefront? Interview Magic can help pinpoint the top talent available and ensure that you are leveraging only the best aspects of AI to simplify your hiring processes – not complicate them!