Unqualified candidates can quickly hinder the recruitment and hiring process. While the large variety of candidates to choose from may be beneficial for specific industries, many companies and staffing agencies need the ability to quickly find the top candidates in an overwhelming stack of applicants based on their skills or experience.

We are all hiring seemingly all the time, but we have to sort through hundreds of applications just to find the few candidates that actually meet the job requirements. If your processes aren't fast enough, top talent may already accept a job offer from another company that found them first. With so much on the line, ensuring your hiring processes and candidate sourcing are as efficient as possible is important.


Interview Magic is a one-of-a-kind recruitment and hiring tool that leverages AI to match candidates with the job listings they are most qualified for. As a highly customizable platform, hiring teams can create multiple-choice questionnaires, called scales, based on specific positions, skill requirements, experience, and much more to funnel the best candidates through the process.

Each set of questions created can be saved as a profile and re-used in other vacancies or roles or be expanded upon for a more detailed candidate profile. Whether you are interested in asking routine hiring questions like "Are you available for full-time or part-time work?" or have advanced questions aligned with a niche industry requirement, our AI-based software can quickly help pinpoint the best applicants.

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Instead of focusing on more candidates in your pipeline, why not ensure the top talent makes it to the forefront? Interview Magic can help pinpoint the top talent available and ensure that you are leveraging only the best aspects of AI to simplify your hiring processes – not complicate them!