Although we may not think about it regularly, the interview process can be incredibly prolonged if candidates are asked basic questions to gauge their skills, experience, or interest. Instead of focusing on a long list of resumes and manually reviewing them, it is much easier to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create your interview shortlist. This article will look at ten great questions you can ask before extending an interview opportunity to ensure only the top applicants are receiving consideration.

HR making notes in a notebook
HR making notes in a notebook

Question 1: Are You Looking for Full-Time or Part-Time Work?

Unfortunately, tire-kickers will always be a problem for recruiters and knowing how dedicated they are to finding employment can help determine the investment and effort they should put into them. Knowing the level of commitment that a candidate is seeking upfront can also help thin the number of job vacancies they are eligible for immediately.

Question 2: How Many Years of Experience Do You Have in This Field?

Experience can often carry a lot of weight regarding specialized positions. For instance, if a candidate has four years of experience in a manufacturing setting, they will likely understand many of the intricacies that come with that job – therefore requiring less training. Aligning critical job roles with previous experience can help find relevant placement opportunities.

Question 3: Can You Pass a Background Check?

While not explicitly required in every industry or business, a background check has become a standard part of the application process. If this is important to your business or the client you are hiring for, knowing the answer to this question as soon as possible can help remove candidates from the funnel that will inevitably not make it further.

Question 4: Are You Eligible to Work in the United States?

Although this may seem like an obvious question to ask before extending an interview to a candidate, it is often overlooked. That means more wasted time that could be holding you back from finding the top talent before another job offer scoops them up. Don’t forget to ask this question as soon as possible to avoid disruptions.

HR writing some notes in the notebook

Question 5: How Soon Can You Start?

Candidates for jobs will often fall into one of two camps. The first camp will be unemployed and actively searching for a job to start immediately. The second camp will be employed but exploring their options. That means they could either start immediately or need two weeks to cut ties with a current employer. If this matters to your timelines, keep this question in mind!

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