How to create campaigns

Watch A Quick How To Video Step 1 From the dashboard, click on “Campaigns” in the left hand menu. Step 2 From the Campaigns screen, use the “+” symbol to add a new campaign. Step 3 On the Add New Campaign screen, enter the Source (website, Facebook, Google Ads, etc) and click on “Submit.” Step…

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The public survey certificate

Step 1 Applicants will use the survey link you provide to them or they click on from your website, social posts, ads, etc. Step 2 After the applicant completes the survey, they will be provided a certificate that they can download or print showing all the positions they matched with based on their answers. **You…

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How to Add or Edit Disqualify on a Skill

Step 1 From your dashboard, you can click on “Companies” in the boxes across the top, or “Companies” in the left-hand menu. Step 2 From the Companies screen, click on the “Companies” drop down at the top of the screen and select “Positions.” Step 3 Select the Position you need to edit by clicking on…

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Identifying Fake Job Candidates

working on laptop to check on job applications

Modern jobseekers and the businesses hiring them all face an emerging threat that hasn’t been prevalent in past years – the fake job candidate. Fake job candidates take deliberate action to bolster their resumé by adding fraudulent information or making their experience seem more than what it was. As you can imagine, this creates many…

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How to Streamline Your Hiring Processes

HR selects individual represented by icon from human resources

No matter where you look, it seems like efficiency is the top concern of businesses across all industries. As prices continue to skyrocket, logistics options become less reliable, and other issues threaten business as usual, it is more important than ever to ensure that your teams meet required headcounts and consist of the best individuals…

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5 Questions Recruiters Should Ask Before an Interview

nterviewing hr are asking psychological questions with job seekers

Although we may not think about it regularly, the interview process can be incredibly prolonged if candidates are asked basic questions to gauge their skills, experience, or interest. Instead of focusing on a long list of resumes and manually reviewing them, it is much easier to use artificial intelligence (AI) to create your interview shortlist.…

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